Café of Stories: meeting with Janina Poździk 2013-01-22 , intergenerational integration

The first guest of our Café of Stories in 2013 was 87-year-old Janina Poździk. Mrs. Poźdik spoke vividly about her life during the Nazi occupation, including her time of forced labour in Germany, her trade visits to Lvov as well as her life amongst the partisans of the Polish Peasants’ Battalions.

The story of her first love to a young partisan who died at Osuchy evoked a profoundly emotional response from the listeners. Mrs. Poździk’s testimony was illustrated with poems she has been writing for decades. The captivated audience was made up of pupils of Gymnasium Nr 4 (3rd class) who asked for another meeting. They want to know more about Mrs. Poździk’s life after the war.