Café of Stories: meeting with Roman Adamowicz 2013-02-25 , intergenerational integration

All previous guests in the Café of Stories have unique biographies in which the uneven fight for independence mingles with the hardships of living in times of lawlessness and cruelty inflicted upon them by the Nazi regime. But inevitably the most heartbreaking are the biographies of war-time children such as Roman Adamowicz who talked about his childhood to the pupils of Maria Konopnicka Secondary School no. 2 in Zamość.

Our guest experienced displacement twice: in 1939 he was removed from Wielkopolska (Greater Poland region) to Skierbieszów, and in 1942, he shared the fate of the inhabitants of Zamojszczyzna with his family. His vivid testimony accompanied by photographs, documents and letter was – as usual – an excellent lesson in “living history.” The meeting was conducted by Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and the listeners were chosen by Andrzej Pogudz, a history teacher.