Exceptional Women’s Day in Vocational Training Centre 2013-03-11 , intergenerational integration

On this year’s 8 March the ladies of the Volunteer Centre in Zamość were pampered by the teachers and students of the local Vocational Training Centre who offered our members various beauty treatments.

After a cordial welcome, the Centre’s future hairdressers cut and styled our ladies’ hair while the beauticians applied professional make-ups and gave manicures. All treatments were supervised by the experienced teachers, Maria Szewczuk and Dorota Borys-Szymanek, as well as the school’s headmaster, Waldemar Pawełczuk.

The beauty treatments weren’t the sole event of the day, however, as the male students of the Vocational Centre prepared a comic performance that delighted our ladies. “This is the second time we’ve celebrated this wonderful day! Last year we visited “Lider”, this year we’re here. Are there more schools which beautify the senior ladies?” the overjoyed visitors kept asking.

Indeed, there are more vocational centres in Zamość, so the lookout seems promising. Besides, Mr. Pawełczuk assured us that, 8 March or not, such esteemed guests are always welcome in his school.