Special events for senior citizens and volunteers 2012-10-21 , meetings of senior citizens

A meeting with a musician and the leader of the group “Oni”, Piotr Szymański in the „Verona” restaurant (01.10.2012), a meeting with the conductor of the “Rezonans” choir, Alicja Saturska, in the “Corner Pub” restaurant (15.10.2012), the screening of “Bitwa pod Wiedniem” (Battle of Vienna) (18.10.2012 r.), a lecture held by Łukasz Szczepański, MD, about dietary supplements and healthy nutrition (11.10.2012), a performance of “Smok Wawelski” (The Wawel Dragon) staged by the children theatre company from “Okrąglak” – all of the above are various activities prepared for the participants by their coordinators in addition to those offered in the Daytime Community Centre. The events were organized in cooperation with associations “Art Avant” and “Drukarnia Wyobraźni” and were met with overall enthusiasm as evidenced by high attendance and general satisfaction of the participants. The senior citizens also took part in a study visit of young people from Lithuania, Russia and the Ukraine who arrived to the Volunteer Centre in Zamość on 9 October.