Now open: Daytime Community Centre in „Okrąglak” 2012-08-29 , meetings of senior citizens

Senior citizens associated with the Volunteer Centre in Zamość are invited to make use of the services provided by the Daytime Community Centre every Tuesday and Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Osie­dlo­wy Dom Kul­tu­ry „Okrąglak” (S.Wy­szyńskie­go 28A, tel. (84) 6273775)

We offer meetings with interesting people, lectures on various subjects as well as refreshments (tea, coffee) and an opportunity to share one’s knowledge, interests and experience with other Centre’s guests. The Centre offers not only support for senior citizens, but also a variety of activities that promote active living among the senior members of our community (book therapy, music therapy, culture therapy etc.)

We welcome all senior citizens who are interested in spending some quality time in our company.

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