Coverage: Conference on the three-year-old project of aiding the victims of the Third Reich from Zamojszczyzna 2012-06-06 , conferences

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„A model joint system of support for the victims of the Third Reich of Zamojszczyzna and Cologne” is the name of the conference that took place on 31 May in „Okrąglak.” The guests included the representatives of the local authorities and non-governmental organisations as well as chairpersons of combatants’ associations, principals of educational institutions, teachers, the project’s beneficiaries and volunteers. The conference was also attended by VCZ’s partners: Jost Re­ben­tisch and Mi­cha­el Teu­pen from Cologne and Jakub Deka from the Foundation “Polish-German Reconciliation.”

After the official welcome, the project’s coordinators, Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Ewa Szczepańska demonstrated a multimedia presentation along with extensive photo display of all activities taking place in the course of the project. Jost Rebentisch talked about the events carried out by the Federal Organization For Information And Consultancy For The Victims Of National Socialism in Cologne and the specifics of working with German victims. He also thanked for the fruitful cooperation and new experiences he gained in Poland. Moreover, the project’s beneficiaries spoke about the need for integration and assistance among the Polish victims of Nazism.

The participants agreed that such activities should be continued. At the end of the conference, the guests watched a photo exhibition documenting the event and engaged in informal discussions during the refreshment break. They also received a bilingual publication “The academy of good practices. Methods and forms of supporting the victims of the Third Reich from Cologne and Zamojszczyzna” discussing the needs of the victims of Nazism from the perspective of both Poland and Germany.

A short TV coverage of the conference is included in “Magazyn Miejski” (date of broadcast: 6 June) on Zamojska Telewizja Kablowa channel.