A trip to Cracow 2013-06-16 , other project activities

Visiting Wawel Cathedral, Wawel Royal Castle, St. Mary's Basilica, the Sukiennice and the Main Square – these are only some of the events organized by Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Ewa Szczepańska during a 2-day excursion to Cracow whose participants were senior citizens and volunteers.

Other highlights included hot and cold sweets in the Lviv Chocolate Manufacture and Asian dishes in the China Palace. A more spiritual treat was a performance of Moličre’s “The Imaginary Invalid” in Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, which had been booked two months in advance. The theatre’s splendid interiors and the superb cast led by Andrzej Grabowski made quite an impression upon the participants.

The trip took place from 12 to 13 June and was financed by EVZ and The Mi­ni­stry of La­bo­ur and So­cial Po­li­cy