A visit from Schwaebisch Hall 2013-07-16 , meetings of senior citizens

Fourteen delegates from Schwaebisch Hall, our partner city, visited Zamość from 9 to 12 July. The delegation included the representatives of non-governmental organizations and the police. On 11 July the guests visited “Okrąglak” where they were introduced to the activities of the Community Initiatives Forum and the Volunteer Centre in Zamość.

The meeting was also an opportunity for a joyful reunion of Ewa Szczepańska, Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Dorota Nowosad with some of the people they met during their last-year visit in Schwaebisch Hall. The guests were interested in the Centre’s projects, youth volunteering and our Daytime Community Centre in particular. As it was Thursday, when the Centre is usually open, our visitors took the opportunity to visit music therapy classes and talked with the members of the Volunteer Centre about their impressions. The achievements and experience of the Volunteer Centre encouraged future cooperation amongst the participants.