Our members at the launch of Marian Karczmarczyk’s latest book 2013-10-01 , meetings of senior citizens

Apart from meetings and classes in our Daytime Community Centre as well as those organised as a part of the on-going project, the members of the Volunteer Centre often take part in other cultural activities.

On Saturday, September 29, they participated in the launch of the latest book by Marian Karczmarczyk, a satirist and author of epigrams and aphorisms from Zamość. Aside from having a good time, each participant was given a slender volume of humorous sketches entitled „Sins, petty sins and...” with a dedication and autograph from the author. Mr. Karczmarczyk, a member of the Union of War Invalids, has been a beneficiary of our project for the last 4 years, but he supports the activities of the VCZ as well.