A talk with „a child of war” 2013-10-05 , intergenerational integration

He comes from Honiatycze, a village in Hrubieszów district in Poland which suffered greatly during II World War at the hands of the Nazi soldiers as well as Ukrainian nationalists.

Those who survived were condemned to wandering in Zamojszczyzna. Such was the fate of the family of our guest in the Cafe of Stories, Henryk Wolańczuk. He was born in 1934 and still remembers the cold, the fear, the hunger and...the return to home which was not there. But there was also hope that all can be rebuilt. Then came that horrible day in July 1944 when a German bomber appeared. Only Henryk and his father survived. He could not understand why – was not the war over? He does not understand it to this very day. This moving story was shared with the pupils from Gymnasium No. 4.