„Art in Action” in Okrąglak 2013-10-26 , intergenerational integration

On October 24 young artists from Georgia, Latvia, Russia, Romania, the Ukraine and Poland visited the Volunteer Centre in Zamość as a part of the “Youth in Action” programme; the international group was involved in the project “Sound, Word and Brush – Art in Action” which encompasses music, literature and the fine arts.

One of the aims of the project was to create an impressionistic performance inspired by the participants’ national literatures. Filled with music and juggling tricks, the unique spectacle was presented upon the stage in “Okrąglak;” one of its parts was entitled “The Tower of Babel” in which the artists gave recitations in their mother tongues. After the show both the artists and the spectators had an opportunity to share their thoughts and impressions with each other.

This wonderfully energizing spectacle as well as the whole visit were a special gift from the international section of the Foundation “Happy Childhood” from Lublin to the elderly members and volunteers of the Volunteer Centre in Zamość.