Forms and methods of working with elderly people 2014-04-01 , courses

What does a geriatrician do? What is old age? When and how does it begin? What are aging-associated diseases and what should we expect of them? How can we help the elderly patients and how should we act in the case of emergency? These are only some of the questions asked and answered during the 10th Training Course organised by the Volunteer Centre in Zamość as a part of the project “Still needed. A Partnership for Supporting the Victims of the Third Reich from Zamojszczyzna and Cologne.

The integrated specialist training for the older and younger volunteers was conducted by Alicja Grzywacz, a certified nurse, and Łukasz Szczepański, MD, a specialist in Family Medicine. The trained volunteers will take up work at private homes, in our Daytime Community Centre as well as in a health care centre in Zamość.