Senior-friendly places 2014-10-06 , other project activities

As a part of the task „3S – Self-realization, Self-sufficiency, Solidarity – Senior Community Station in Zamość” developed in the framework of the Government Program for Senior Citizens Social Activity, the Volunteer Centre in Zamość has decided to award the participating institutions with the unique “Senior-friendly Institution” badge. The badges will be awarded during the conference “World for seniors, seniors for the world” and the awarded institutions will be promoted in the local media.

We believe that there are many institutions in Zamość which actively help the elderly citizens. All you have to do is to describe your activities and send us an email at by the end of October 2014.

You can also send us the information by snail mail or deliver it to us in person to Osiedlowy Dom Kultury “Okrąglak,” S. Wyszyńskiego 28A in Zamość.