“Memory collectors” meet in Zamość 2015-03-01 , intergenerational integration

From 1st to 10th March, the Volunteer Centre in Zamość (VCZ) will hold an international historical meeting entitled LET ME TELL YOU A STORY. The participants are young people, representatives of youth organizations and non-governmental organizations from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary and Poland. Together, they will broaden their knowledge about the fate of “The Children of Zamość Region” in the context of events that took place in Zamość and its surroundings during the Second World War.

To this end, the young people will meet “witnesses to history” who are members of the VCZ in order to conduct interviews with them and then describe their war experiences. The participants will exchange their knowledge about the wartime period, visit memorials in Zamość as well as museums in Bełżec and Majdanek. These activities will be preceded by integrational, journalism, language animation and intercultural communication workshops. During a visit to the Daytime Community Centre run by the VCZ, the participants will learn about methods of tending to victims of the Third Reich, and, in turn, compare them with solutions adopted in their own local communities. This international event was preceded by a preparatory visit. On 22-24 February, leaders from the aforementioned countries jointly discussed the details of activities with the Polish coordinator and participants. The March meeting is the keystone of a four-month project realised by The Volunteer Centre in Zamość in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme (Youth).