Volunteers resume their work in hospital 2015-04-21 , intergenerational integration

Volunteers are back in ”old hospital” in Zamość. They are working in the Health Care Centre and in the palliative care ward. Małgorzata Ostasz, the coordinator of their work, is a university student, who used to volunteer in “old hospital” as a member of a club run by General Upper Secondary School no.1(1LO).She has resumed volunteering after a disruption caused by the renovation of hospital wards. The volunteer team consists of pupils from General Upper Secondary School no. 1 and Private Upper Secondary School. They are primarily taking care of Health Care Centre patients as well as elderly, lonely or ailing people. Some of these patients are Victims of the Third Reich and, on the coordinator’s initiative, the volunteers have enthusiastically engaged in recording and writing down their memories. We wish Małgosia and the whole team perseverance and satisfaction with their work.