Discovering the history of Wołyń 2015-05-19 , intergenerational integration

Forty lower-secondary-school pupils participated in May “Café of Memories”. Jadwiga Pasikowska, “miraculously saved from Wołyń pogrom,” was special guest. Born in 1930 in Swojczów near Włodzimierz, she witnessed war operations, inhumane treatment of Jews by Germans, and later, Polish genocide perpetrated by Ukranian nationalists. After escaping from Wołyń, in winter 1943, she came to live in occupied Zamość. At present, despite being 85 years old, she is an active member of “The Association for Commemorating Victims of Wołyń Genocide”. Owing to her and other survivors’ efforts, the sites of massacres in Ukraine have been marked with crosses, cemeteries have been tidied and a special crypt with victims’ ashes has been arranged in Zamość Rotunda. The crypt holds the ashes of about 60,000 people.