Summer holidays in Daytime Community Centre for senior citizens 2015-07-20 , meetings of senior citizens

There is no summer break in Daytime Community Centre. The organizers are doing their best to provide senior memebers with support, scheduled activities as well as additional attractions − like in the other months of the year. In spite of extreme weather conditions, Daytime Community Centre meetings are well attended. In July, senior citizens and volunteers went for a stroll in the streets of revitalized Zamosc. They also made a joint audio-guided tour in Melex e-cars aroud Zamość Fortress. A trip to a zoo brought all the participants a lot of joy. Moreover, senior citizens were invited to a concert ”Meeting a Genius: the Most Beautiful Arias and Duos from Mozart’s Operas,” which was held in ”Okrąglak”. More activities have been scheduled: a cinema outing, attending ”Spotkania z historią”(‘’Meeting history”) film festival and visiting” Szachy świata” (”Chess of the World”) exhibition. See the photoreport in our web gallery.