Taking care of seniors anew 2015-10-08 , other project activities

In line with the objectives of a new project financed by the “Re­mem­bran­ce, Re­spon­si­bi­li­ty and Fu­tu­re” foundation (EVZ), the offer directed at senior victims of the Third Reich has been further enriched and diversified. The Daytime Community Centre has been renamed “Senior Community Station”. Since the month of September, Senior Community Station has been running arts& crafts as well as technical studios and providing eurhythmics classes for seniors. In addition, “the Silver Academy of the Fourth Age” has been set up. The Academy holds lectures, workshops, training courses, cultural events, integrational and festive events, trips and cinema outings. These activities are conducted by experienced teachers, therapists and coaches.

Legal advice services and specialist trainings for volunteers taking care of elderly people, which were part of the previous project, have been retained.