Polish-German workshop for teachers and pupils. 2015-09-26 , other project activities , courses , archiwum aktualności - 2015

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The Polish-German workshop ending the project “Still needed –a Partnership for Supporting the Victims of the Third Reich from Zamojszczyzna and Cologne” took place on 22 −24 September. The workshop was attended by the representatives of the Co­lo­gne-ba­sed Fe­de­ral As­so­cia­tion for In­for­ma­tion and Con­sul­ta­tion to Vic­tims of Na­tio­nal So­cia­lism (BUN­DE­SVER­BAND IN­FOR­MA­TION & BE­RA­TUNG FÜR NS-VER­FOLG­TE), teachers and pupils from Mid­dle Scho­ol No. 4 and Up­per-Se­con­da­ry Scho­ol Com­plex No.4 as well as volunteers. The workshop participants, who were supervised by a trainer, worked out effective methods of non-formal education helping to commemorate the fate of the victims of Nazism and to teach the young generation about the history of the Second World War. Moreover, the workshop attendees talked about difficult memory, awkward questions and fighting stereotypes. On the last day, the participants met “witnesses to history”. After the workshop sessions, the guests from Cologne visited the city and saw a preview of the exhibition of works by a Zamość-based painter, Stanisław Pasieczny .