Christmas party at the Senior Community Station 2015-12-17 , intergenerational integration

An atmosphere of uniqueness, magic, music, poetry and emotions pervaded the Christmas party held at the Senior Community Station. There was a Christmas tree and a table beautifully decorated with typical Christmas Eve dishes. There were also talks about Christmas traditions, Christmas-related stories as well as poems recited. Sharing traditional Christmas wafers, the seniors wished each other a lot of good health and robustness; in like manner they wished the organizers of the Senior Community Station and volunteers a lot of joy and satisfaction with their work.

Almost everyone who works with seniors on a daily basis attended the party. There were: Tadeusz Flor (music therapist), Janina Lachowska ( drama teacher), Marzena Miśkiewicz (Art teacher), Anna Kitka ( eurhythmics and gymnastics teacher), Ewa Popławska (Head of the Senior Community Station) as well as Ewa Rybińska-Smyk (project coordinator).