Seniors celebrate Fat Tuesday 2016-02-13 , meetings of senior citizens

The members of the Senior Community Station ended the carnival with a premiere performance by a Human-Arm -Puppet Theatre. The traditional Fat Tuesday celebrations prepared by seniors and volunteers were held on 9 February. There were snacks, dances as well as games in occasional masks and – first and foremost – a premiere performance by the Senior Human-Arm-Puppet Theatre.

The artists presented a spoken word and music performance entitled The Adventures of His Lordship the King („Przygody Króla Jegomościa”). They animated the puppets and lent their voices to them. The whole event was the effect of seniors’ work. They worked under the guidance of Marzena Miśkiewicz (stage scenery) and Tadeusz Flor (music) who were assisted in all their activities by EVS volunteers Igi and Fany as well as Ania and Bruno, volunteers from our Station.