Seniors are preparing a theatrical performance 2016-01-25 , meetings of senior citizens

Since September, a team of seniors who are artistically skilled has been working on a play entitled The Adventures of His Lordship the King („Przygody króla jegomościa”). It is going to be an original theatrical performance by a human-arm puppet theatre. The seniors animate the puppets and they lend their voices to them. Janina Lachowska is the director and the author of the scenario based on the poem by Jan Brzechwa. Tadeusz Flor is taking care of the musical setting. Another group of seniors is preparing the props and the stage scenery under the guidance of Marzena Miśkiewicz. Because the premiere will be held on 9 February, Shrove Tuesday, they are making carnival masks for the guests. Igi, Fany, Ania and Bruno, who are volunteers, are participating and assisting in all these activities.