International history buffs are back in Zamość 2016-04-06 , intergenerational integration

The subject matter of the currently running project is related to the Resistance in the Lubelskie Region and “live history” narrated by partisans. The project is entitled “Let Me Tell You a Story II. A Tale from the Forest” and it is a follow-up to a similar meeting held by the Volunteer Centre in Zamość in March, 2015. The importance of this initiative is evidenced by the fact that it has received honorary patronage both of the President of Zamość and of the World Association of Home Army Soldiers. The participants of the project will get to know facts about the Zamość Uprising and, in order to soak in the atmosphere of those times, they will visit memorial sites, including Porytowe Wzgórze and the route of partisans’ battle stations (a trip to Janów Lubelski on 10 April). They will also conduct interviews (on 11 April in the Tourist Information Centre) and prepare biographical entries on their interlocutors.

On 14 April, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a historical happening and a meeting of  an international group with veterans, pupils from Zamość-based schools as  well as citizens of Zamość will take place in Great Market Square. Young people from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Italy and Poland are involved in this initiative. For more information about the project visit the website of the city of Zamość:

story_2_patronat story_2_plakat