Springtime, integrative celebration 2016-04-24 , intergenerational integration

On Thursday 21 April our seniors and volunteers celebrated in the Aspirant Club European Day of Solidarity between Generations. The atmosphere was joyous since the participants of the Senior Community Station Art Room put on a music and spoken word performance entitled ”Springtime,” thus inviting everyone to have fun together while listening to tunes of popular springtime songs as well as verses of poetry by Stanisław Buczyński, Stanisława Łogonowicz, Janina Jabłońska. In the end there was also a treat when the artists and the guests sat down at a joint table covered with tasty titbits. As it turns out, such meetings are an excellent way of spending free time in a multigenerational company; they also help elderly people fend off their loneliness. European Day of Solidarity between Generations is a relatively little-known celebration, which was introduced by the European Commission in 2011 in order to call attention to the problems of the elderly and promote mutual understanding between younger and older citizens of Europe.