Seniors went on another trip 2016-07-30 , other project activities

“Goths’ village” and the border of the European Union – these are next places that were visited by senior members of the Senior Community Station. “Goths’ village,” an open-air museum in Masłomęcz near Hrubieszów, is a peculiar place where archaeologists discovered remains of settlements and Gothic cemeteries from the 3rd century AD. On the other hand, Kryłów is a beautiful village with ruins of a fifteenth-century castle. The village is situated on the Bug River which constitutes the Polish border with Ukraine and the European Union. Visiting these places left the participants with many emotions, especially as the they had the opportunity to taste “Gothic fare,” learn how to make Gothic jewellery and Gothic crockery. A stroll on the Kryłów island was made more attractive by an educational trail along which one could find figurines of animals living in that area. As usual, the seniors were accompanied by volunteers who helped particularly those having difficulty walking.