Seniors get to know revitalized Zamość 2016-08-03 , other project activities

The Arsenal Museum of Fortifications and Weaponry as well as the defensive walls – these were the two destinations of a trip which meant to show seniors the new face of Zamość. The members of the Senior Community Station hadn’t had the opportunity or enough energy to see the military installations along with the defensive walls surrounding Zamość, revitalized due to European projects.

A tour of the Arsenal, watching a 3D screening of a film entitled “The History of the City and Fortress of Zamość” in a specially designed room and a walk along the defensive walls left the seniors with many positive emotions. Especially the oldest ones were happy that their city had undergone such a metamorphosis and was attracting tourists from all over the world. The trip was organized for seniors who attend the Daytime Community Centre in “Okrąglak”.