Interviews with partisans The book is ready! 2016-10-18 , intergenerational integration

“Tales from the Forest”is the title of an English-Polish publication, which is the final result of the ”Let me tell you a story II” project.

It contains interviews with participants of the Polish resistance movement during World War II, in particular stories as told by Janina Jasina, Zbigniew Kruk, Narcyz Kruk, Władysław Bednarczyk, Józef Łaba and Tadeusz Kopeć. The interviews were conducted by young project participants from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Poland who are interested in World War II. The book appeared in an edition of 500 copies thanks to European funds (under Erasmus+ Programme) and it will be promoted in all the member states represented in the project.

Wywiady z partyzantami. Książka gotowa!