Seniors for Leśmian 2017-06-12 , meetings of senior citizens

A spring visit to the ”School of life” motivated seniors to join the celebration of the Year of Bolesław Leśmian in Zamość. As a result, another multigenerational performance was staged. It consisted of a musical-verbal variety show entitled “Meadow” and a stage adaptation of the ballad “Dusiołek”.

The show, prepared by Janina Lachowska and Tadeusz Flor, was seen by invited guests on 12 June. The guests included teachers and students from School Complex No. 4, parents of the young artists, children and grandchildren of the older artists, volunteers as well as the chairman of Zamość-based Leśmian Society, Sławomir Bartnik.

Fabulously colourful costumes, the scenery and the performers’ skills enchanted the audience, especially the guest of honour who, as he said, had not expected such esthetic experiences.