Seniors from Lublin on a study visit 2017-06-01 , meetings of senior citizens

On 31 May our Senior Community Station was visited by senior citizens from Lublin. This study visit was organized by “Friendship,” a Foundation for Development and Social Activity, within the framework of a currently implemented project entitled “SCC – Senior Civic Club II”. This project is financed from the ASOS government funding programme and its goal is to strengthen the idea of civic society among 40 people who are aged over sixty.

During the first part of the visit, the guests talked about initiatives they had realized or were realizing within the framework of their project, whereas during the second part of it, they familiarised themselves with the principles of the functioning of the Senior Community Station and of our Daytime Community Centre which has been in operation for six years now. While Ewa Szczepańska and Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk talked about projects realised for the benefit of Zamość-based seniors, the seniors talked about Daytime Community Centre. Our community centre as well as the diversity and attractiveness of activities impressed the guests a lot, which they expressed in their evaluation of the visit and during the discussion.